DMAS GmbH hardware, software and solution engineering

After 35 years in research with system design experience, the DMAS GmbH CE (chief engineer) provides one-stop turnkey systems upon request. This includes the hardware, software (firmware) and web interfaces packaged to your needs. Contact ronald[dot]luijten[at]epost[dot]ch by email for requests.

DMAS GmbH custom engineered products

DMAS GmbH offers various custom designed products in small quantities. These are high quality, Swiss designed and assembled controllers for various applications. Contact Ronald Luijten, DMAS GmbH CE per email for a quote: ronald[dot]luijten[at]epost[dot]ch

Product description photo price CHF
up/down platform
The controller manages between 4 and 10 linear motors to move a large platform up and down. This allows for instance to put a movable platform on top of a roof and avoid contruction codes limiting heights. See a video (time lapse) of an 8 motor installation.

Control is done via a touch display or an optional LCD display with two buttons. The controller monitors the current, position and bidirectional communication of each motor and will stop any motion when a fault is detected to avoid mechanical damage to the frame and motors.

A log file of all commands and progress is written to an uSD card for analyses.

DMAS GmbH offers only the controller, price excludes motors, frame and other mechanics.

Starting at 2000CHF
Airconditioning machine logger This product allows to monitor large building aircondition units. Typically it monitors temperature at compressor output, ambient air temperature, water in- and water output. Furthermore, is monitors Compressor and Fan On/Off state. Finally, it optionally drives a Gardena Water valve (connected by wire) to turn on water mist sprinkler to reduce the condensor intake air temperature.

It has 4 temp sensors, 2 on/off sensors and 2 week logging storage, Bluetooth control and data read out.

An LCD display shows current temperature, a day log or a 125 day log of max air temperature and run times of Compressor and Fan.

A bluetooth interface allows to set time, sensor names and read out the log values for further use in for instance a spreadsheet.

500 CHF
Remote temperature monitor

Up to 10 sensors can be connected to this controller that can be accessed thru the internet so see current values and history up to two weeks. Alarm threshold can be set on any of the sensors to send an SMS to a configurable phone number. The internet access is provided with a built-in LTE modem, and only needs an inexpensive IOT SIM card to provide the web site access.

This product is currently in development, and a photo will appear soon.

approx. 1000CHF
Air Avionics Case

When running out of space for additional instruments, this custom designed case offers a solution. The picture shows the case on the rear seat instrument panel of a DG1000, where it does not obstruct any view (a FLARM antenna is placed on top). it will fit AIR Control Display (ACD-57) or AIR Traffic Display (ATD-57). Printed in black PETG.

75 CHF
DG300 XPDR mount

The DG300 has no space within the instrument cover for a modern transponder mount. The picture shows the DG300 XPDR mount which fits on top of the oxygen bottle holder (behind the pilots seat) and even leaves space for the Vario instrument bottle (red in the picture). The mount is secured with a 2-component glue and cable ties. Printed in PLA for good glue adhesion.

The platform has the holes for the XPDR holder screws as well as slots to insert cable binders for extra safety beside glueing the mount on the oxygen bottle holder. Its custom designed shape fits in the area between the retractable wheel case and the side of the fuselage behind the cockpit.

125 CHF
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